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Go fo👣ow my brother Babyits.Tez 6 Im the Baby broAthlete ❤️🤍 Basketball🏀6’3 SF -Sg student athlete

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last month

This photo is gona go down in history...🖤🐘

Feb 2020

He could’ve been home 2 years ago but he took 7 years so his friend wouldn’t get 12 years. When he come home I’m supporting EVERYTHING he do cause he stayed SOLID 💯 and I respect that Free The Real Goat💯💯Free Bobby 295 days left @realbobbyshmurdags9

Jan 2020

This man was an inspiration to everyone who grew up watching him play. People who didn’t even watch basketball liked Kobe. Kobe was giving back to communities. He was teaching the younger generation his moves. He wanted to make everything and everyone around him better. He is a human being. Yes he has made mistakes. But he learned from them. RIP to the legend, the Black Mamba, the greatest of all time in my opinion, Kobe “Bean” Bryant. You will be missed by all of us.🙏🏼🐍👑🐐R.I.P. To The Them😭💔 May Kobe an his baby girl GiGi Rest Peacefully and Prayers to his wife an his other girls an fam for such a tragic loss of a good man!🏀💔 Young angel lost before she could reach her potential. 💔😩 RIP Kobe and GiGi

Nov 2019


May 2018

LongLiveChris gone too soon #forever15 LongLiveChris Wach over use bro 💔😭💯