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There is always a black shadow on a white sheet of paper . . . #lightroom #vsco #majalengka #followme #followforfollowback #lfl #lfl 💛

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. 好天氣時在這遠眺101的市景也太美 連續兩天都來放空發呆 雖然風大到差點把我吹走 #香格里拉 #taiwanlife #cityview #taipei #perfectview #wonderful #instalike #vsco #instagood #instatravel #discovertaiwan #bravotaiwan #iseetaiwan

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S/Os to working from home reimbursements. IKEA shopping spree on the company card 🤑

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🌞Maravillosa Paleta de sombras🌞atractive🎀 🔆 Original de romantic beauty 🔆 🧡15 espectaculares tonos #chilemakeup #regiones #instagram #instachilegram #llolleomaquillaje #maquillaje #makeup #llolleo #sanantonio #instamaquillaje #chilegram #instafollow #vsco #likesforlikes

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Gökyüzü gibi bir şey bu çocukluk, hiçbir yere gitmiyor. Çocukluğum, hatta bebekliğimin en büyük ve en eski anısı şu oyuncak. Babaocağında tekrar gördüğümde ki hislerim, gözümde canlanan o günlere olan özlem ... o zaman 4 kardeş bir aradaydık; ablalarım @arzuabla74 @aysunsayilir ve abim @ufukozer41 ... Hani derler ya “Zenginlik ölçüsü; ne kadar çok şeye sahip olduğunla alakalı değildir, ne kadar az şeye ihtiyaç duyduğunla alakalıdır.” Tam o yılların kokusu sinmiş üstüne, aldım elime, kokladım, kokladım, kokladım ... Sılada ki kardeşlerimin kokusu sinmiş üstüne ... Düşünüyorum da, biz büyüyerek çocukluk etmişiz ... Bir gün çok zengin olursam, çocukluk satın alacağım. Büyüklük sizde kalsın ... #çocukluk #çocuk #hatıralar #vscocam #vscoturkey #vscophoto #picoftheday #photographer #photographers_tr #life #anıyakala #photooftheday #altinkare #turkey #türkiye #kocaeli #fotografia #photographers #photography #photos #photo #storyofmylife #objektifimden #benimkadrajim #family #sister #vsco #brother #kardeş #kardeşlik

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fall y’all 🍂🤎

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Hello Jane! 🇮🇳 • • • Get yourself a “Jane’s Journal: India”, or you want to see the photos in frame? Ask @janethecrazy 🥳😏 • • • #journaljourney #love #traveljournal #artjournal #janethecrazy #creativejournal #igmalaysia #instagram #vsco #vscocam #travelersnotebook #travelersnotebookmalaysia #PQrs79 #手寫 #一期一會 #手帳 #手帳生活 #手記 #文具 #文房具 #문방구 #문구 #첵방

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(3/3 ) Dad, who constantly sees me as his little boy, would always make me feel the most loved in many ways that he can. Growing up, he bought me everything I asked for and made things work the way I wanted things to happen. It was as if I had my very own genie—just say the word, my wish was his command. He spoiled me excessively to the point that mom would always scold him for giving me “too much.” In front of me, mom told dad once: “kaya hindi ‘yan natututo eh, masyado mong bini-baby.” Siyempre, hindi ko naman maitatanggi na na-enjoy ko na spinoil ako hahaha! Kasi lagi nalang akong disciplined kay mom (lol ). He’d always argue with mom, telling her, “life is short, live it to the fullest.” He’d also always defend me from mom’s wrath; for he never wanted to see me cry. Not once did he doubt me for attempting to do things that seemed impossible. He always believed in my capabilities. Whenever I’d win in a contest, despite their busy schedules, he would always initiate for us to eat out. Although at times I would not reach the first place, I still always felt like a winner because they would celebrate even in my defeat; for, according to him, every effort is worth celebrating. Dad, despite his leniency, would always scold me: “you shouldn't be sad, just because you did not reach the first place. In fact, you should rejoice; for you have exerted your best—and that’s all that matters.” Back in fourth grade, I remember so vividly in my memory how I wished I had my very own ‘wish maker’ after watching the Pokemon movie Jirachi, not realizing that my wish maker was beside me all along—a genie that would not only grant me my wishes but would love me for who I am, in spite of my shortcomings. Throughout the years, nabawasan naman yung pagka strict ni mom (hindi na siya super harsh with me lately coz she sees my efforts ), and even yung generosity ni dad (sayang! lol. Well, he’s still generous, but not as generous. He’d buy me stuff from time to time but not so often as before ). Nonetheless, I am beyond grateful to God; for he has given me a mother who is so yin and a father who is never any less than a yang.

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(2/3 ) Mom, whom I got the value of fighting for what is right from, disciplined me militarily. Back in the days, she would always scold me for crouching, chewing meals so loudly, and for putting my elbows on the dining table because she believes it is a dishonor to the family name as it impresses an improper upbringing. She even told me once: “lolo ka na ba? Sit up straight, wala kang manners! nakakahiya.” Mom is profoundly strict with almost everything, especially when it comes to my grades. Just like her relatives, educational achievement is paramount to her. She would always scare the hell out of me when I’d show her quiz results lower than the passing score. More often than not, she would compare me to my cousins—as they all are exceptionally studious and have graduated with honors—and would tell me: “why is it that out of all of you, ikaw lang ang pinaka tamad?!” Needless to say, undeniably, I was hurt. Nonetheless, however, I took her harsh remarks by heart as a drive to reach the top. And, indeed, her words after all are true: “no one goes to the top without hardwork.” She knew I could do it, that is why she always felt the urge to discipline me. Even before though, I knew deep down behind that strong mask lies the love of my life, coz she would always go after people who made fun, power-tripped, and threatened me out of abuse. Whenever I’d go to her, telling her I'm afraid; she would always tell me: “subukan lang nila, at makakatikim sila sa’kin.” Everybody whom she had talked to knew her well and would tremble in fear when they’d see her; for she argued brilliantly with a stature. Unquestionably, as a child whose priority was to play with toys and mingle with friends, I resented her ways then coz she’d also always refuse to let me join adventurous trips with my relatives lest I die (lol—ang OA diba hahaha ); however, growing up, I realized that everything she does and works hard for is nothing but for the family, especially for me. I then have, over the years, arrived at a conclusion that she is truly a blessing in total disguise.

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(1/3 ) For the greater part of who I am, I owe it to my parents. Ps. I have a long message for them, kaso hindi kaya ng limit ni Instagram lol—kaya separate post nalang.

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good morning 🌱

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Когда время прошло, а выставлю только сейчас👋🏽💁🏽‍♀️

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Ble 😴 • • • • • • • • • • • • #barbie #preto #loira #tumblr #vsco #rosa #likeforlikes #divulgação #influencer

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// Sentir a natureza e agradecer, pelo céu, sol, mar e a vida... #tbt

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No drama please! 🧡

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#Tbt Não, ainda não estou de volta à Palmas haha, mas hoje bateu uma saudade desse dia 💖 Foi tudo uma correria só, no primeiro aninho da minha princesa que a titia ama, minha linda @babysophiie 😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . _________________________________________________ #Throwback #ThrowbackThursday Bday #BdayDaSophie #Aniversa ́rio #likeforlikes #likes #follow #Love #Lovely #Vsco #Insta #Instagram #InstaLove

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[RECEITA] TRUFA DE CAFÉ COM AMÊNDOAS. E no programa Doce Lar de hoje, tivemos trufas de café com amêndoas! Pensem numa maravilha! Façam e casa e depois me contem! 🥰😍 Ingredientes: - 30 g de amêndoas laminadas tostadas - 100 g de creme de leite - 3 colheres de sopa de café solúvel - 500 g de cobertop ao leite - 250 g de cobertop ao leite para banhar - Cacau em pó cobertop 100% para polvilhar a trufa Modo de Preparo: Misturar o creme de leite com o café e as amêndoas. Derreter o chocolate ao leite de 30 em 30 segundos no microfone adicionar a mistura de creme de leite. Mexer bem e deixar descansar por 30 minutos na geladeira. Enrolar as trufas e banhar na cobertura ao leite. Deixar cristalizar sobre um papel manteiga! Banhar novamente e ainda mole polvilhar com cacau em pó 100%. Finalizar com uma amêndoa laminada no topo! 🥰😍

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missing this 🐉 #throwback

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Bonita graças a Bruna 🦋