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okay so update, i took the sat, and i feel as though it went well

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Far from home.- dt the BAU Baddiez Prentisssoc Halloween society jemilygrp and ΚΦ society|sc-Paget.aep

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anybody ever heard of sarcasm Season 1 Ep 5 Broken Mirror ac ??

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new post ◡̈ ↳ ❝ INTP Characters ❞ —— ‧₊˚ 𖤐₊˚—— 𝚏𝚌: @pclarrs 𝚒𝚌: n/a 𝚍𝚝: tagged! 𝚌𝚌: @gcldentomlinson —— ‧₊˚ 𖤐₊˚—— 🅀: What's your personality type? 🄰: INTP —— ‧₊˚ 𖤐₊˚—— tags ༄ ➤ [ #50sbuckysociety #teamzerocult #aprilludgate #lunalovegood #spencerreid #llawliet #donniedarko #violetbeauregarde #fordpines #hermionegranger #aprilludgateedit #lunalovegoodedit #spencerreidedit #llawlietedit #donniedarkoedit #violetbeauregardeedit #fordpinesedit #hermionegrangeredit #intpcharacters ]

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my long hair kink is in full effect sc reidsscenes cc landsliide [word break arabcllas. ac ahynako]

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#eleven 👿 BYE WHY DOES HE ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THAT EMOJI IN THAT ONE SCENE for lia & rina + tagged baes ac/huge ib ethaann.mp3 sp reidsscenes + @roselvst @davdreams @leftonreid @_saativaa @eddskata he looks like he smells like hand soap 😏

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A little 3-in 1 😍‼️‼️ PLEASE THEYRE SO CHTJEGSH - QUESITON of the day: there is none fuck you

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♫ roslyn happy birthday / anniversary criminal minds. i love you.

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i get those goosebumps every time 🥱 ⚠️flash warning⚠️ ac: smo66y dt: tagged ; )

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i haven’t been editing just posting drafts cuz I’m busy but here hi ac_boku.mp4 , sc_cmscenepacks

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he always wins 😁🤝 🎵 kali uchis - gotta get up dt: tagged + comments <3 ib: xhvlperts, rockstartown sp: reidsscenes, multiscenepqck

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The happiness I get from this photo🥰🥰🥰 • • • • • • #mgg #mggedits #matthewgraygubler #matthewgubleredit #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #criminalmindsaxn #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #reid #reidedit 🥺

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— “we’re taking you home.” this is a major scrap from july that i never posted cause i kinda hate it. but since i haven’t been able to finish any edits recently i thought i’d post something. ac. okaybellarke scenes. reidsscenes dt. tagged 🍂

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i think i’ve seen this film before and i didn’t like the ending tc tpwktuts sc unfurluntold.ga #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #jenniferjareau #jenniferjareauedit #jeid #jeidedit #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #ajcookedit #matthewgraygubler #sad #sadedit #videostarpro #omgpage

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sorry spencer 😔🤚

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; happy bisexual visibility day <33 you are all so so valid and i will fight anyone who thinks differently i love you all you beautiful bisexuals – HAPPY BI DAYYYY although i’m not out irl i’m happy i can celebrate being myself on this account 🥺 i chose to do half of the edit with canon bi’s and the other half with should’ve been canon bi’s,, if i had more time i would’ve made a second edit because i had to narrow this down a LOT to fit 8 panes :/ - dedicated to tAlia, steph, lucas, skylar, rita, and marbles ib @warhcls & @abrchamtwo

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Gift for my lovely pudding @__nina .z__ ❤️ . . I tried to do the border thingy but it didn't turn out that good since the timing is a bit off... . . ac: @voidaudios_ Overlay: @videooverlays . . . #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #reid #reidedit #matthewgraygubler #matthewgraygubleredit

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𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐢𝐝 ♡︎ Good evening! I had trouble finding screencaps for this edit but I managed to work around the few I did find 🥰 I hope you’ve all had a good day! Fc: waywardcanaries 🤍 {Tags} #criminalminds #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #matthewgraygubler #criminalmindsedit #gublernation #gubler #drspencerreid #drreid #reid #cbs

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did this 4 fun ac&ib elvctrics scenes reidsscenes

3 hours ago

my biggest comfort ♥

3 hours ago

tag urself im her sunglasses in the intro scrap / s3 scenes cmscenepacks

4 hours ago

i would snap him like a chopstick in this suit ♫ greetings from califournia #gfschat / for my favs ofc

3 days ago

needless to say, i cried while making this😀 i made this like last week and kept waiting to post it but here we are😋

3 weeks ago

bow before our queen✨ dts for #stevieluvers 😏 and tagged


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♫ pretty thoughts for tagged / series s12

1 weeks ago

— ♫ : sunsetz by cigarettes after sex for chewy <3 #gfschat

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— glasses mgg supremacy! ♫ - under pressure by chase atlantic sc cassie ily for tagged, ESPECIALLY cassie + baes in #gfschat <3

2 weeks ago

just 2 gfs sharing hair secrets w eachother jemily series 1/4 [ac. voidbastard cc. xfitszimmons ]


fbi vest kink asf. ____ ac softiehar sc landsliide dt tagged + @baumbre11a @tcjbvs @suburbangvthic @kalopsvia @unfunnybri_ @venus .vids @gvblerfilm @validheart @mgg_edits3980 @edits .ems @lqves .fate @

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au where luke goes to save reid from the believers, but doesnt make it in time.


"old enough to understand" ♬♩pluto projecter

6 days ago

him in rabid>>>🥵 ac; sxpersara sc; re1dscp for tagged & mais, vivian, yani, lizzy, lucia, kaly, noelle, meeka, haley, gianna, olivia, erin, luv, selah, jem, zoe and beth! @gublergram @crimmindscbs

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I haven't edited s9 reid in a while 😳 you might have to turn your brightness up lmao - ac mikewhlr on sc cc me dt ana, sky and mia ✨