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HEY HEY HEY I HIT 800 SO HERE IS MY GA FOLLOW RULES IN @serjareau .ga TO BE ACCEPTED///im gonna do vs tuts and some sp and overlays and stuff like that

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You should’ve seen this one coming 🙄‼️ PLEASJEHD IK THESE ARENT LIKE RARE BUT THEY 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️ Qotd: um um UHH DO YOU LIKE CABBAGE 😍‼️

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season 2 #spencerreid - ac okayyspence cc chaoticgrant ib okayyspence scenes reidsscenes for tagged - #spencerreidedit #spencerreidedits #edit #aeedits #omgpage #omgedit #explore #explorepage #matthewgraygubler #matthewgraygubleredit #mgg #mggedits

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Franklin 😏 stop looking at me like that 🙈 .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. So our professor gave us a questionnaire on our lectures and idk he left the class to grade some things and everyone is pissed about it cause he expects us to remember tiny details from his lectures like sir I have 3 other classes and this online shit is new to me hold on 😔 .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. #mathewgraygubler #matthewgray #mgg #mggedits #drspencerreid #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #begginersluck #criminalminds

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saw @ilyreids do this and i rlly had to make one too bc you don’t understand. i’m o b s e s s e d - ac- i have no idea oops - #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #matthewgraygubleredits #matthewgraygubler #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #mgg

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"I was a 12 year old child prodigy in a las vegas public high school." - Hey guys!! Im actually using a longer quote today woohoo! I love this quote and i love this edit so so much. I was looking through my screencaps last night for ideas and noticed that i had quite a few awkward early season screencaps of him! So i decided to go for it and use this quote and i just adore it so much. Hes so awkward in the early seasons and i love it so much. It makes him a really relatable character which i love so much. Hes amazing. Also i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me for supernatural content and has to put up with all this criminal minds stuff! Youre amazing. Always keep fighting and remember youre not alone! Im here if you need me. Love you all and have a great rest of your day. - Dt: dinu @aboywithdemonblood - Question: supernatural edit ideas?? Favorite scenes or episodes i should edit? Preferably in seasons 8-15! (Early seasons have a super weird filter 😂 ) - Tags: #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #matthewgraygubleredit #matthewgraygubler #mgg #mggedits #criminalmindsedit #criminalminds

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♫ time machine, willow rm. wckedtaylor ac. liberosiac scenes. reidsscenes (if im not mistaken! )

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So I have just started watching criminal minds and OMG I LOVE THE SHOW SO MUCH 🥺🥺 And just Doctor Spencer Reid 🥺🥺🥺 I also would like to say ty to @emowhofromwhoville since her tutorials are amazing for after effects don’t think I would be able to edit on ae with out her tutorials 💓 Ac| casifers Dt| tagged Et| 4 hours Scenes| @cmscenepacks - ( #winterjedigrp )

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Sorry for not posting😂

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happy spence is my fav ♡

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sir I want a sticker too 🙏🏻 dt: tagged <3

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It’s almost Friday! Not that it matters because my next day off is never...but here’s a picture of our guy to brighten your day😊 • • • #matthewgraygubler #mgg #gube #gubler #gublergram #criminalminds #spencerreid #drspencerreid #drreid

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jennifer jareau x quote [10/1/20] • • • {🪐} follow @_xmxrs (me ) for more! {🧸} don’t steal. {🧃} fc: me {🍄} follow my other account @cmbxtch ! {🏷} tags in comments ->

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The amount of school work I have is stressing me out so bad 😭 but heyyyy it’s officially spooky season 🍂🎃👻💀 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #mgg #drspencerreid #spencerreid #matthewgraygubler #criminalminds #reid #hotch #morgan #prentiss #jj #garcia #rossi #hw #notes #cute #hot #netflix

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It Kills 🔪🔫People When They Don’t Know Your Business 📝 🙄 #RIHManMan #MGG

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【 7 x 06 】─ Epilogue finally an edit that isn’t from s13 or 14😅 ❁| ic; scene ❁| 286 ─ ─ 𝐪 favorite food? 𝐚 anything homemade ✨ ─ ➜ follow @reidsmood [me] for more 🤍

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“that’s me, gub” BYE i love him — dt: tagged ac: youtube cc: hybridnik — #theeliteofficefansgrp #bensliesociety


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♫ addicted to you for tagged / series s14

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who said i was a spencer stan? i only know miss roxy alvez for da girls

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s4 reid i have the biggest crush on you👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 (4/15 ) song: crush culture sc; reidsscenes for tagged & sophie, lauren, maria, kaly, aishani, liv, vivi, alyssa and olivia💞 @gublergram @crimmindscbs

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they can adopt me pls. btw this is my new fav edit of mine 😛⁣ ⁣but fr though, how is it legal to breathe the same air as them??⁣ ⁣-⁣ ⁣my audio ⁣ ⁣dt tagged

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gambling man


obviously my two fav seasons and reid looks😌 ac: yaboicomics (sc ) scenes: mine + metrological.ga ib: @c1tyblu3

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— s7 reid <3 lil veloc from my tiktok ♫ - enochivn sc reidsscenes for my baes #gfschat

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just remember, ya'll asked for this... btw this is like a month old, and I used time revamp instead of twixtor :0 - my audio spc landsliide dt adrienne, mia, sude, hailey, and jackie : )

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This picture is just adorable🥺 (Creds to @spencer .reid.bae , I found it on the fyp and thought I would give credit 😁 ) #matthewgrayguber #spencerreidedits #spencerreid #criminalminds #mgg #doctorspencerreid #matthewgraygubleredit #rumplebuttercup #gublernation