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Look At That Smile 😁 @cjberry321 #az #scooters #h5g

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Growing up I didn’t have a name. It was always “Kassy’s little sister.” I get it, though. She was 3 years older and became a “champion” before I did. She taught me how to win and so many other lessons along the way. I wondered if maybe I would just always be known as that. I mean, it wasn’t so bad. Being in her shadow, walking in her footsteps. They were amazing footsteps to be in. 🦶 As a senior in high school I remember thinking how amazing it would be to bowl in college with her… at Wichita State University. We would share one year together and have a chance at a National Championship. Together. 🎳 @shockerbowling But what if for the first time in my life I didn’t follow her? What if I didn’t do what everyone expected me to do? Maybe, I thought at the time, maybe they would actually know my name then. So I went to the University of Nebraska. Even Coach Straub was taken back when I approached him at Kassy’s collegiate event as a senior in high school. I told him I’d like to inquire about more information regarding Nebraska. “Really?” He said, puzzled. @huskerbowling Fast forward through all of the rebuilding of my game at Nebraska, and all the struggles I had throughout the season… there we were- as a team- IRONICALLY in Wichita bowling for a National Title. You couldn’t really draw it up any more magical. Little sister makes monumental decision that goes against everyone’s expectations in hopes to make a name for herself. WINS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in the city that big sister represents. What’s even more powerful than that narrative is the photo that was captured after we won. There I was, on the approach after we cinched the title- watching Kassy run at me from the stands amongst all the Wichita State fans… in her Gold and Black. That was the moment. The moment that was captured in a photo. Her in gold and black, me in red and black. The moment I became Diandra. Sometimes the hardest decisions are the right decisions. ✨ #beyondthelanes #driven2bowl #stormnation #h5g

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IM DRILLING A NEW BALL THURSDAY What do you think it is? Tell me below 🙌🏻

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I was a day early yesterday because I thought yesterday was the 29th. Old age is creeping up on me. I drilled the new Radical Pandemonium, the release date is October 15th. It's a strong, Low RG, High Diff, Symmetrical Pearl. Layout 70 x 4 x 25. I compared it to another Low Rg, High Diff, Symmetrical Pearl I have, the Melee Jab SE (Purple, I haven't drilled a Blood Red Se yet ). On a huge Cliff THS, the Pandemonium was earlier and stronger then the Melee Jab SE. Both had the same layout and both had the surface at 4000 grit. I was able to pay more in the wet and rely less on the dry with the Pandemonium. Looks like it will earn a spot in the bag. 😎🤘🏽🤘🏻🤘🏾🤘🏿 #brandsofbrunswick #Driven2Bowl #TeamBrunswick #H5G


The squad is back at it tonight Live on FS1 against the Philadelphia Hitmen 10pm E.T. The show starts at 7 pm 😬. Was a great match against the Brooklyn styles last night. Let’s continue the momentum 💪🏻 #Brandsofbrunswick #TurboGrips #TeamX #WowThatsRadical #H5G #TeamFish #GoBowling #TeamUSA #NdoBowling #SaganosSteakHouse

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Today is the day!!! Be sure to tune in all day live on FS1 for PBA League action! Your Las Vegas High Rollers will be on at 7pm eastern as we look to start our run through this!! Can’t wait to get going with this great group!🔴⚫️💪🏼 #pba #league #eliascup #foxsports #bowlero #whynotus #squadgoals #vegashighrollers #motivnation #turbogrips #H5G #bowlerX #dexter #genesistape #ndoBowling #onlythedeterminedsucceed #athlete #UA

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Qualifying is done for the pba league. We didn’t get a bye but overall pretty happy with how we did for our first time bowling together. Looking forward to taking the lanes again tonight! Make sure to tune in to FS1 at 7 pm, we’re the second match against the Brooklyn styles! Ball of choice thru qualifying was radical Bonus and Zing pearl. #Brandsofbrunswick #TurboGrips #TeamX #WowThatsRadical #H5G #TeamFish #GoBowling #TeamUSA #NdoBowling #SaganosSteakHouse

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DAY 1 V DAY 41 From day 1 to day 40 I followed a very similar nutritional structure to what I follow while not on #75Hard . I simply, in addition to strictly hitting the macros (which I wouldn’t do outside of the program ), cut out sweets and slushies. This is the point where I usually get to, and plateau on this nutritional structure. So I decided to shift that slightly for the last 35 days of the challenge. To do something I’ve never done before. To get places we want to go that we’ve never been before, we must do things we have never done. Time to Level Up.

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@jordan_fischer11 Holdin It Down For @hang5gear Out In Texas 🤠🐂 #hang5gear #scooters #h5g

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What’s good, 2020?

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@pbatour League is finally upon us. Tomorrow we start qualifying and the tv shows begin Sunday night on fox throughout the week. Make sure to check out @flobowling tomorrow to watch the @pbalasvegashighrollers make a run at the championship 💪🏻 #Brandsofbrunswick #TurboGrips #TeamX #WowThatsRadical #H5G #TeamFish #GoBowling #TeamUSA #NdoBowling #SaganosSteakHouse

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IM OFFICIALLY BASIC I have joined the dark side and am obsessed with, not only coffee, but pumpkin spice, too. And I’m not even a little mad about it. I have always struggled with getting protein into my diet. The first snacks I grab out of the cubbard are not things with lots of protein, if any. And, I don’t believe that I should have to stop eating the foods I love to fuel my body with what it needs. But, that does mean that I need to supplement my already existing eating habits. Protein supplements are a hot topic, and for me they are a staple in making sure I hit my protein goal for the day. Yes, calories are important. But they only determine how big or small we are - protein determines what we actually look like. On my journey to become more athletic and gain muscle, I lose fat by being in a calorie deficit and give my body the protein it needs to build strong muscles along the way. Without Level-1 I wouldn’t come close to my daily protein goal, I would be at least 245grams short (if not double that, when it’s a 2 cup kinda day ☕️ ). I tried tons of proteins in college. They all sucked because they were gritty, tasted nasty, and upset my stomach. I pretty much gave up on the supplement industry for quite a few years - until I found @1stphorm . That’s because their protein doesn’t taste like 💩, it doesn’t upset my stomach and I know it’s the highest quality. This meal replacement protein fuels my body with the nutrients it needs to push me closer to my athletic goals (as long as I continue to put in the work in the gym and with my other daily food intakes, because, don’t get me wrong - this powder isn’t magic pixie dust ). So, when you catch me sitting on my porch reading my 10 pages and sipping my PSL, either mind your business or feel free to stop and have a cup with me 🤍 because maybe you’ll become basic, too 🙌🏻

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Fuck u

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For all of you urethane lovers, here is the new @stormproducts FAST PITCH 🤩 Tag somebody who loves urethane bowling balls! 😋⚡ #stormnation #StormBowling #bowling #dianazavjalova #3gshoes #stepup #turbo #bowlerx #ndobowling #h5g #pwba #pba #sport #sports #fit #fitness #fitfam #training #pixiecut #shorthairdontcare #athlete

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Who’s Scooter’s Are These? 🤩 #scooters #vegas #h5g

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We live in a culture of No. We say “no” because it’s safer. Because we don’t have to worry about something happening that may make us feel bad. We say “no” because it’s easier than saying “yes.” We say “no” to opportunities. ❌ We say “no” to things that lead us out of our comfort zone. ❌ We say “no” because we don’t give ourselves enough credit. ❌ Early on in our parenting days, John and I decided together that we will say “yes” to our children as much as we can. If there isn’t a huge reason for us to say “no” then we say “yes.” In most households, it’s not that way. We are raising our children in a culture of “no.” ❌ 
“Can I go play across the street?” No.

But why? Just because. No.  “Can I climb that tree?” No.  But why? Because I said so. It’s much easier to say no, because you don’t have to worry about anything else. It stops there. You don’t have to worry about all these other things. Life stays the same. When you say yes, it opens up possibilities but also sometimes new worries. There’s more to think about. And that is too scary for most people. Saying no, you don’t have to worry about anything else. I see it all the time with parents around me. Parents are always saying, “no, don’t do that. Stop doing that. You can’t do that.” No matter what it is. Because no is easier than any worries that may pop up from allowing their children the freedom to explore new things, to learn and grow through seeing that they can actually do many things. Rather than bringing up children to believe in possibilities, too many parents are actually teaching their children to be afraid of them. Then after being guided by no while growing up, they grow into adults who also do not know how to say “yes” to possibilities. And that’s so sad. I know a number of adults who continually say no before they even really know what it is they are declining. When someone offers you an opportunity that may lead you to doubt yourself, or that gets you out of your comfort zone…. Before that automatic “No” why not give yourself a chance to say, “yes?” 🙌🏼 #stormnation #driventobowl #h5g #beyondthelanes 📸: @kristenkaiser

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AXIOM PEARL ✨Release Date: October 9th✨ First off, this ball smells like Christmas Spirit and I am here for that. Second, this ball doesn’t stop. I am super happy with the first experience throwing shots with this one! It sees the friction, turns over and keeps going. Grateful for a nice piece to complement my Axiom so well. PS: @kris_prather_bowling , @bryannacote2 and @laurennicolepate I got a point. Questions? Drop em below.

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Alrighty y'all, last night I got to drill the new @stormproducts AXIOM PEARL 🤓 This ball motion is something I honestly didn't have in my bag - it is very clean but very slow down lane! It's gonna be awesome on toasty lanes and I really love what I see! 😍 Which ball do you want to see next? ⚡ #stormnation #StormBowling #bowling #dianazavjalova #3gshoes #stepup #turbo #bowlerx #ndobowling #h5g #pwba #pba #sport #sports #fit #fitness #fitfam #training #pixiecut #shorthairdontcare #athlete

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Practicing my 𝐌𝐢𝐚𝐦𝐢 𝐖𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐬 strike celebration! 🌊😋🤙🏼 . Which do you like best: 1, 2, or 3?!? . Don’t forget to watch the PBA League starting this Sunday at 12pm EST on FS1! @foxsports @pbatour #PBALeague

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WEDNESDAY WORKOUT Loveeee this one. You can scale the weight to what is best for you 🙌🏻 AMRAP (as many reps as possible ) 20 Minutes: 💪🏻 15 Bosu Ball Kettle Bell Squats 💪🏻 20 Kettle Bell Swings 💪🏻 80 Double Unders (or 120 single Unders with no rope, and dance a lil 💃🏼 ) Save this workout for you next training day!

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@theharleysmith Has So Many Tricks In His Bag! 🧯 What Do You Want To See Him Get Done Soon? #h5g #scooters #hang5gear #az

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When you throw a bad one but still strike 😂😂😀😀😀😀 #Brandsofbrunswick #TurboGrips #TeamX #WowThatsRadical #H5G #TeamFish #GoBowling #TeamUSA #NdoBowling #SaganosSteakHouse

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It's all about the pivot. We can all agree that 2020 hasn't gone as planned. When things change, we must change with them. The quarantine has given me a chance to focus on something I've always wanted to develop. If you haven't already, please check out my new website: www.beyondthelanes.com I have poured my heart and soul into this with the intention of shedding light BEYOND the lanes. If you want to get to the next level ON the lanes you have to realize a lot of it has to do with the work you're putting in BEYOND the lanes. (Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage if you are interested in hearing from me each week. ) #beyondthelanes #stormnation #driventobowl #h5g 📸: @kristenkaiser

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Getting a couple new toys ready for the @pbatour League coming up at the end of this week. Make sure to tune in and cheer on the @pbalasvegashighrollers ! #Brandsofbrunswick #TurboGrips #TeamX #WowThatsRadical #H5G #TeamFish #GoBowling #TeamUSA #NdoBowling #SaganosSteakHouse

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🎶 I really really really really really like you! 🎶 @rotogripbowling RUBICON has become my favorite asymmetrical ball 🤩 Holy Moly is this bowling ball amazing! Have you gotten yours yet? #stormnation #bowling #dianazavjalova #sport #athlete #training #practice #fit #fitfam #pwba #pba #turbogrips #h5g #3gshoes #stepup #bowlerx #NDObowling


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🎶 I really really really really really like you! 🎶 @rotogripbowling RUBICON has become my favorite asymmetrical ball 🤩 Holy Moly is this bowling ball amazing! Have you gotten yours yet? #stormnation #bowling #dianazavjalova #sport #athlete #training #practice #fit #fitfam #pwba #pba #turbogrips #h5g #3gshoes #stepup #bowlerx #NDObowling

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Ten years ago already. 2010 World Youth Championships. First international trip. The experience that lit the spark. Been following that kid's dream ever since. Get after it! . . . #stormnation #turbogrips #buddiesproshop #h5g #sportcanada #pba #bowlero #gobowling #chasing300 #sport #bowling #athlete #photooftheday #instagood #instadaily #francoislavoie #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday #appreciationpost #helsinki #finland #canada #wyc

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PBA Regional Champion 🎳 #900Global #TeamRusso #VISE #H5G

Mar 2020

Another week of this strange world has gone by. What are you guys doing nowadays to keep your sanity? Are you picking up new hobbies? Or watching extra TV? Became expert in home workouts? Or eating your fridge away? Share with me your current life! 🙃 . . . . . #storm #stormbowling #stormnation #turbo #turbogrips #H5G #3Gshoes #stepup #BowlerX #NDObowling #dianazavjalova #teamZavy #bowling #love #athlete #professionalathlete #sport #sports #girlpower #боулинг #볼링 #ボーリング #спорт #스포츠 #スポーツ #bowler #professionalbowler #pwba #worldbowling #coronavirus