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Such awesome pictures of my handsome Lil Man 💕😍 . photo credit to: @rastayama #lovemesomehim 😍 #fourthgrader #backtoschoolpics 😂 #handsomeson #hesperfect

2 days ago

My big boy, slow down growing up😭😭😭 #footballmom #fourthgrader

2 days ago

First day of school vibes ❤️ #res #thirdgrader #fourthgrader

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Since it’s my favorite weekly holiday, #flexfriday . I want to talk to you about the strong women that I get to call my team. . We’re an unlikely crew- different backgrounds, beliefs, careers and locations but somehow we found each other and developed some amazing bonds. . We came together with similar struggles- lack of time, lack of energy, lack of motivation. And found the same solution, at home workouts, simple nutrition and a supportive community. What we didn’t think we’d get was new best friends, shoulders to cry on, people to belly laugh with and 24 hr cheerleaders. . These are some of the faces that make up one of the best teams in the business (I may be a tad biased. ) My girls, my VIPs, my squad or whatever you want to call it. These are my people and we are on a mission to spread our empowering lights to as many other women as possible. . This team doesn’t have many requirements all we ask is that you show up for yourself, be ready to grow and above all stay true to you. A need for a fitness program may bring you into our world, but the beautiful friendships you build will keep you here. . The month of August is all about adding more VIPs to our team as we gear up for a fall full of fun team activities. If you’ve been watching this team from afar now’s the time to jump in. I’m only a DM away from setting up a 1:1 call so we can discuss if my team if right for you. It’s time for you to join us! Ready to chat?

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#firstdayofschool looks a little different this year Penelope #myprettypennylane is now a #sixthgrader and #fourthgrader never looked so good on Harrison #myhandsomemanharrison #BMES #bobcatnation #backtoschool2020 #bmesbobcats #distancelearning

3 days ago

I cannot believe TWO of these children start school tomorrow. 2020 you’ve been a weird one. But I’ve had more time with these four people together than I expected and while it’s been 100% chaos, I’m grateful for the time because you can’t get it back once it’s gone. That I have a FOURTH grader and a KINDERGARTNER is beyond me but I’m so grateful. So to all the mommas out there homeschooling, hybrid learning or putting their kids on the bus masked up like us- I see you, I feel you, I applaud you, and the kids are gonna be ALRIGHT! Tell me what are you doing for school this year?! I’m curious! No judgment zone. 🙌 We gotta support each other especially in these weird times. Also swipe to see Miguel’s mood about all of this, which is also the whole mood of 2020. 🤣😂 #kristinascollective #kindergartener #fourthgrader #thekidsaregonnabealright #2020isweird

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First day of school breakfast! #fourthgrader

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Night 7 done! Two more rounds of chemo—about two and a half months to go—and we can say we are done with active treatment. Even with one night in the emergency room due to side effects, this kid handled this week like a champ. I’m one proud mama. #killingit #beatingcanceronedayatatime #atrt #cancercantstopme #fighter #thisisworking #thiswillwork #clinicaltrials #findingacure #pediatricbraincancer #pediatriccancer #hereicomefourthgrade #fourthgrader #alonglifetolive #longlivechildhood

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Jayda’s Day🎂👸🏻🥳 . . . . . . #Nine #Navajo #FourthGrader #MyAsdzaRose #PHX

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Pumpkin’s new teacher also coaches basketball. I think it’s gonna be a good fit 🏀 #fourthgrader #thisis9 #firstdayofschool #fourthgrade #basketball

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Are you looking for Scratch curriculum you could share remotely with your students? This challenge includes a starter project and 6 step-by-step guides, each with instructions on how to build a component of the 'Catch the Letters' game in Scratch. At the end of the 6 days, you will have a complete game, and your knowledge of Scratch will be immeasurably greater! This challenge is designed for beginner Scratchers, but we move fast and learn a lot!

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Wanted to start 4th grade lookin’ mighty cute! I just love this girl’s spirit! I’m so proud of how well she rolls with the punches! . . . #firstdayofschool #fourthgrade #fourthgrader #firstdayofschooloutfit #silly #happysoul #kidsofinstagram #laugh #laughter #happy #azmom #phxmom #verradoliving #verrado #arizona #azliving #cactus

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I ❤ finding their goofy selfies in my phone!😍 My 3 big girls. Can't believe I'll have a kindergartener, second grader, and FOURTH grader this year!😱 Please stop growing up so fast.

4 days ago

Fourth Grade?? No prob Llama Tie Dye Shirt .... Ready to conquer 4th Grade...This can be done for any grade level...Side Note: I don’t do tie dyes you can make or purchase the tie dye shirt and I can personalize it for you 🤩 Or it can be on a plain colored shirt, your preference 💗 DM to order... #tiedyeshirt #fourthgrader @tiedyewithtori25 Makes some really nice tie dyes if your looking for a tie dye shirt

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Yesterday, I posted about putting an end to eating in extremes and feeling shame for treats and indulgences. Today I want to talk to the woman who isn’t at that point yet, because she doesn’t know where to begin. . Every woman I know has attempted a number a diets, nutrition plans, eating lifestyles.....whatever you want to call them. And every one I’ve spoken to has failed at, at least, one of them. Why is that? It’s simple really, the method they chose wasn’t sustainable for them. . It may not have truly fit into their lifestyle, it may have felt too restrictive, it may have been a crash diet. It may have even worked for a friend, but what worked for them may not work for you. . I’ll be the first to say that the method that I’ve been able to adhere to for the past 4 years isn’t for everyone . For some it’s too structured and too much to think about. For me it’s just what I need, but luckily it’s not the only thing I offer. Some of my customers need a different approach that’s more mindset based and a little more flexible. . If you’re looking for a method that can work for you, let’s discuss these two options. I have a simple, “nutrition assessment” to help you decide which method could be sustainable to truly make this a lifestyle change and not just another thing you tried. . Drop a 🥗 in the comments (or my DM ) and let’s get your started on your FREE nutrition assessment, and let’s end the up and downs of dieting together.

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First day of 4th grade! Back to school looks different this year. We didn’t shop for supplies, new lunch bags or shoes. Instead, we took a trip to Target yesterday to pick out new shirts only since that’s all that will be shown on camera. It was very disappointing for Audri to start school this way as I’m sure most kids are disappointed. We will make the best out of any situation. Best of luck to all your kiddos! #summerbreakisover #backtoschool #firstdayofschool #fourthgrader #covidclassroom #onlineclass #sonoranhawks #soarhigh

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On this day, 8/4/2020 the children of Nashville, Tennessee started school, Virtually. At home. Wish us luck! #2020homeschool #virtuallearning #fourthgrader #kindergarten #parentteacher

5 days ago

Back to school 🏫 for us I’m officially a Kindergarten. It sucks not being able to join all of my new friends and see them today. We will make the best out of this school year. We pray safety over all who will return to school 🏫 during this time we are in. I hope 🤞🏽 everyone has a amazing 😉 day today. * * * * #kindergarten #fourthgrader #mybigbrother #siblinglove #firstdayofschool #virtuialworld #virtuallearning

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First day of school 🏫📚✂️🖍✏️🍎 #schooldays #firstday #fourthgrader #secondgrader #mygirls #dontblink #daysarelongyearsareshort #sces

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My sons first day of school august 3rd 2020 his teacher sent this to me on ClassDojo said he had a good day 😊😊😊 his bday is the 13th he'll be 10 he's growing up too fast #fourthgrader #firstdayofschool #augystbaby #soontobetenyearsold #leo #autismmom #autismawareness #momasboy #myson 💙 #myheart

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Anyone else go HAM on the snacks and drinks this weekend? 🙋🏾‍♀️ . I’ll admit that I was living my best #lakelife this weekend, which meant all the snacks, tasty drinks and more snacks. I left the lake feeling refreshed, a lot more relaxed and STUFFED. I don’t regret a minute of it. . Here’s why- I’ve gotten out of the mindset that I need to walk around with guilt and shame because I’ve indulged. I’ve stopped using Mondays as a punishment day- starving myself, overworking in my workout and swearing that I’d never eat like that again. That way of thinking is not healthy and keeps you in on the hamster wheel of extremes and dieting. Ladies, there is another way. . Let’s see our days of fun as what they are- a treat and time to relax. Let’s stop going from extreme to another. Let’s enjoy the day, time and season that we are in- knowing that it’s temporary and we will get back balanced. . Let’s celebrate our bodies, the way it can train and re-train itself to keep us healthy. Let’s celebrate the routines we’ve established for ourselves that have become so seamless that we can wake up on Monday and pick up where we left off. . Let’s end the Monday blues and Monday punishing. Today is just another day to get back to work. We got this!

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First Day of School Pictures...Handley 1st grade, Emerson 4th grade, Alexander 5th grade. Last year for all three to be in the same school ever 🤣 @tombyronsaunders #firstgrader #fourthgrader #fifthgrader #lastyearalltogether #lewistonlions

6 days ago

Back to school looks and feels a little different this year. I have debated my choice on what to do for my child as I’m sure all moms have had to do with facing this day. You have to do what is best for your child. No answer is wrong! Autumn is going twice a week as of right now and will do virtual learning the other three. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We support her immune system with extra vitamin C and Ningxia Red. As well as lots of thieves. We will have it pumping into our home through diffusers before and after school. We also will continue to roll in on her spine and feet. Not a lot gets talked about lately about supporting the body’s immune system. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She is so beautiful inside and out. I can not get over how grown she looks. She’s starting fourth grade today. 😭😭 What grade is your child going into?

6 days ago

My sons 1st day of 4th grade🎒📚 /// El primer día de cuarto grado para mi hijo ❤️📚🎒 📖 #1stdayofschool #schooltime #schoolduringcovid19 #memories #mybaby #fourthgrader #2020

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Virgencita , protégeme a mi princesa. Q sea un año escolar lleno de logros académicos, momentos alegres, Pero sobre todo de mucha salud. Praying for safe rerun to school for all our kids. #fourthgrader #fourthgradehereshecomes #cuartogrado #awesomeandrea #backtoschool #regresoaclases2020 📚💜✏️✂️📓☀️🌈🦄🙏🏼🤗 📿

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This comprehensive unit has activities to increase engagement as you teach students the procedures for "Active Listening," "Turn and Talk," & "Accountable Talk." It includes anchor charts, posters & bookmarks for student reference.There are also Turn and Talk, and Accountable Talk task cards to practice these skills. Perfect for Back to School. Digital and paper version included. View link in bio #speakingandlistening #3rdgrade #4thgrade #5thgrade #3rdgradeteacher #3rdgraderocks #3rdgrader #3rdgraders #thirdgradeteacher #3rdgradetribe #thirdgrader #4thgradeteacher #4thgraderocks #4thgrader #4thgraders #fourthgradeteacher #fourthgraderocks #fourthgrader #5thgrader #5thgradeteacher #5thgraderocks #5thgraders #distancelearningtpt #distanceteaching #distancelearning

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She believed she could so she did!! #fourthgrader #newroom #comingalong #nomorebabystuff #ihateithere 😢

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Confession: my favorite workout that’s 30 minutes or less was actually 37 minutes. 😳🤷🏽‍♀️ . Nonetheless- its still my favorite go-to workout when I need a quick sweat with no equipment. And here’s the weird part- it’s a cardio/agility, which y’all know I don’t like. Here’s why: . What I like: (about the workout and full program ) -it’s a quick but challenging workout that keeps you challenged and goes by quickly -the program is keep your challenged with fun cardio and compound movement that works multiple muscle group at once . Who it’s for: -anyone ready to challenge themselves with heavy lifting and complex movement -anyone looking to tone their body and “chisel” out their muscle definition . Just to clarify- this is my favorite workout not program, I’m starting a 30 minute (for real ) version of that one starting Monday. Stay tuned. . In the meantime, what’s you’re favorites type of workout? Cardio, yoga, dance, Plyo, running....drop it below. 👇🏾

2 weeks ago

Good Morning and Happy Friday!! I have been thinking a lot lately about how proud I am of our GMan. That’s what we call our son Gavin. This pandemic has been rough on everyone but especially our kiddos. I am so thankful that his school announced two options for the new school year. We will be able to choose online or in person learning. Ahhh...sigh of relief. This sweet boy of mine needs the structure and consistency of being back in school. It’s hard to believe he has been out of school for almost 6 months!! What will your kids be doing this year? Are they doing online or in person schooling? #backtoschool #backtoschool2020 #fourthgrade #fourthgrader #kids #godblessteachers #teachersrock #teachers

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Did you know that critical thinking and creativity are two of the top skills that kids need to prepare them for their future? I try to do something every day to help challenge my kids' brains so that they can learn how to solve problems. That's why I was so happy to find this Critical and Creative Thinking Activities resource by @evanmoor_publisher . It just makes the job easier for me. While it's not what you would consider "academic", it's an essential part of our homeschool, specifically for Ziggy. He's learning a lot from it but it doesn't feel like schoolwork. He loves it so much he asks to do it every day. It's definitely one of my favorite resource that I got this school year. #mommyplannerista #funschooling #howwehomeschool #eclectichomeschool #fourthgrader #homeschoolphilippines


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Aug 2019

Since moving to Jacksonville over 5 years ago it was hard finding people we could really vibe with or trust with our kids. Insert the parents of these 2 little guys (in the middle )... . Our boys had a sleep over with them back in March and they entitled themselves “brother cousins”. Nope they aren’t related they just clicked like that... Friends that are like family =FRAMILY . Do your kids have FRAMILY like this too? . I just think it’s so cute 😍🥰 and much needed when you don’t have any family for hundreds of miles. (Btw these outfits were NOT planned. We didn’t even know we’d see them at church this weekend ) . . . . . #familyfriends #kiddos #boymom #kindergarteners #kinderkids #prekkids #churchfriends #framily #kidsofinstagram #boymom #boyswillbeboys #juliennemahr #h3cartwright #fourthgrader #bros

Sep 2019

Pumpkins and baskets and PAUSE !! Time out. 🕰 Reagan had school pictures yesterday and can I just say , I’m never doing it again. Holy moly does this girl have an opinion. AND a different taste in fashion than me. In the end I let her wear what she wanted do her hair how she wanted pick the shoes she wanted .. I GIVE UP ! 🏳 Gosh do I love her! . . . . #fourthgrader #pictureday #prettydress #alldressedup #smileforthecamera #saycheese #frontsteppictures #frontstoop #doordecor #frontdoordecor #welcome #porchpics #morethanjust_decor #girlmom #picturedrama #thankgodthatsover #momlife #dreamingaboutdecor001 #nationaldaughtersday #nationaldaughterday 💕

Aug 2018

#thisisGOOD My list for Marcus’ first day of school lunch went something like this: sandwich ✔️ fruit ✔️ carrots ✔️chips ✔️ @MinuteMaid_US juice box ✔️ lunchbox...where’s the lunchbox...we forgot to buy a lunchbox. Welp, this reusable grocery bag works just fine. ... #firstdayofschool #fourthgrader #schoollunch #ad

Nov 2019

BE STILL MY HEART! 😍❤️ #SonShine #FourthGrader #BestBlessing

Aug 2019

And he’s off to 4th grade! 🍎✏️ 📚 #firstdayofschool #fourthgrader #HunterJames #clandouglas #montanakid #timepleaseslowdown

Sep 2017

I dont know if i should jump for joy or drop into fetus position and cry til my eyes get dry 😁😁😁😁😥😥😥😥 time needs to stop NOW.! #fourthgrader #kindergarten #mybabiesgettingrown

Jun 2019

Just a few hours away from summer! 🥳Fourth grade here we come!

Sep 2016

Bobby and Bruce stood like penguins 12 1/2 X 10 Painting #9 #lynnfield #hello #penguins #fourthgrader #oddballs #standoutfromthecrowd #nashvilleartist

Aug 2018

And just like that, she’s a #fourthgrader !. . So many mixed emotions come with that. Nostalgic of the years passed, but so excited for the now we are living and looking forward for what tomorrow brings! . . #firstdayofschool was a success!! #thankful #blessed