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𝗥𝗘𝗠𝗢𝗩𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗧𝗢𝗫𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗧𝗬 I love to feel and be my very BEST self every day of the week, every hour of the day. In every single aspect of my life. That’s why I removed toxic relationships out of my life, removed food that doesn’t fuels me or gives me energy, cut ties with people that only takes up my time, energy and asks me favors without ever giving anything back and removed stimulants such as alcohol as it for me personally don’t do jack. I’m about to move into the house of my dreams with my dream husband and build even more on my business, continue on this prep and stand on stage next year and I truly couldn’t be more content or happy with my life ♥️ It’s true what they say, DREAMS don’t work unless you do! What have YOU done to remove toxic things out of your life?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this incredibly lovely soul I am lucky enough to call my friend. Your smile and personality lights up the room. Keep smiling and all the best with your goals my friend. Love ya xo

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Keep doing YOU baby girl... we could not be more proud of the strong, passionate, determined young lady you have become.❤️ #thebestisyettocome #dreamsdocometrue

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21,000 steps and 9 hours later, and little brother and I were exhausted! Thanks for the new memories and magic, Magic Kingdom ✨✨✨ #disneysmagickingdom #dreamsdocometrue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #waltdisneyworld #disneyworldorlando #happybirthdaytoyou #disneyworldvacation #thankyoucastmembers #cinderellacastle #wheredreamscometrue

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Do you Belive on Magic ? #dreamsdocometrue #dreamlikeachild #nolimits

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When he sees you 😭👈🏼 Tag your man below now 👇🏼 Who wants this on there big day I know I do 👌🏻👰🏻💐😭😘 Repost @weddingforward

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My best friend, lover, husband, rock, mirror and soon to be father of our first child. Anywhere with you is home ✨ #pinchme #overflowing #love #gratitude #happiness #lifeisbeautiful #dreamsdocometrue 📸 @vanessamelzerphotography

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Decide What’s Important To You It doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t do what you think people want you to do. Your parents, friends, community, and society in general all have their opinions, but at the end of the day, you’re the only person who will be around for every moment of your life Do what makes you happy. Everything else will fall into place. #holdtighttoyourdreams #dreambig #nevergiveuponyourdreams #yourdreamsmatter #whenyouhaveadream #grabit #neverletgoofyourdreams #keepmovingtowardyourdreams #youcandoanything #keepgoing #staystrongtoyou #keepdreaming #dreamsarepossible #worldbusinessbuilders #supportingyourdreams #helpingyourdreamscometrue #dreamsdocometrue #liveyourdreams #achieveyourdreams

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Brothers❤❤ The bond they share💎💎 I'm an only child (with the exception of my darling cousin, with whom we concider to be sisters, like our mothers were ), so I haven't experienced such strong togetherness 💫💫 They will start to plot against their mom pretty soon I think...💥💥 They are so different and still the same❤❤ #pajamaparty #kukkuu #brothers #brotherlylove #momlife #mommymoment #veetiboogie #leeviboogie #supermiehenpojat #love #bond #togetherness #play #fun #momofboys #dreamsdocometrue #havingmyheartrunningaroundoutsidemybody ❤❤ #grateful #peecaboo

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May your coffee be hot and your eyeliner even

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Started from the bottom now we are here , a nepalese Our Kaji Dai @arsvfour . Went abroad came back with a view to hustle in own land . Established Crossfire company , the most selling dirt bikes of Nepal & now living a lavish & luxurious lifestyle . #crossfire #peugeotrcz #nepalesehustlers #millionairelifestyle #millionairemindset #dreamsdocometrue

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Time to dream. Time to make your dreams come true. #readingsbymarsha #questionawakenchoose #dreamsdocometrue #beadreamer

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Duchess leans in and Speaks right to your heart..... Step into your ESSENCE.. EXUDE...your EXCELLENCE!!!! YOU ARE A WORLD CHANGER!! #bigger #dreamsdocometrue #everythingawomanshouldknow #justduchessthings #livelifeonpurpose #arise #bewhoyouare #weneedyou #purposeovereverything #nodaysoff

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Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." #dreamsdocometrue #dream #trustgodswill #hiswillbedone #chase #faith #tea #twinningstea #goodnight #chamomiletea "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach the stars to change the world.”

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PREGNANT!!!! ❤️ . I can’t believe I am writing this. WE ARE PREGNANT! So following the post before last on Wednesday I threw the first test away as it’s so automatic for it to be negative, for some reason I got it back out of the bin and there was a a faint 2nd line I couldn’t believe it, I have never in all the time had a 2nd line no matter how hard I have looked for it. I rang Josh as I couldn’t believe it but was also aware of evap lines and all the stories (unfortunately it comes along with following other people trying to conceive. ) so he said we will test again in the morning. . But I couldn’t wait so I took another (although knowing my urine wouldn’t be as concentrated as I threw the 1st away ) that came back with another faint line. So I thought the only way I’ll know is having It written in front of me so @clearblue came out and you can here my reaction in the video. . I took another 5 tests Thursday morning just to be sure 😆 I asked the doctor for a blood test (still can’t believe it ) but he said urine tests are confirmation. So I’m about 5 week’s pregnant. . The picture is awful but shows the pure emotion of my dreams coming true❤️ you can hear my reaction on the video too when it was confirmed by the clear blue test. An happiness I have never felt before. Baby you are apart of me and we love you so much already, please keep growing well, love you so much mummy & Daddy❤️ x . To my ttc sisters I am so sorry if this post upsets you, I completely get it, I’ve been there, and I understand totally if you want to unfollow me, I wish you all the baby dust in the world! Never give up hope! I never thought it would happen to me. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to 😘 . #pregnant #ttcjourney #babyschmid #positivepregnancytests #happiness #joy #baby #5weekspregnant #dreamsdocometrue #clearblue #realemotions #baby #pregnancy

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🔥❤️ Still growing, improving my acting craft 💯🔥... Planning to reach the big screens one day ❤️🔥🔥😭 and I know I'll The casting of K9 Youth Creatives ❤️💯 #Acting #YoungActors #Dreamsdocometrue

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We didn’t get to do this on closing day but made sure we didn’t forget! This beautiful family loves their new home and I am honored to have been a part of that with them. #realtor #lovemyjob #grateful #family #home #noplacelikehome #dreamsdocometrue

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⭐️Sonrisas que nos llegan al alma ⭐️ . ⭐️Kiddy Corner es nuestro sueño hecho realidad y recibir a nuestros niños todos los días y verlos sonreír, disfrutar y crecer es nuestra ilusión más grande⭐️ . ⭐️Porque sigamos soñando y creciendo juntos mucho tiempo más! ⭐️ . www.KiddyCorner.es . #escuelainfantil #englishschool #trescantos #colmenarviejo #educamosconapego #sonrisas #lactanciamaterna #niñosfelices #dreamsdocometrue

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So excited see my girls tomorrow @jemsilas @_courtneyholt show you some new gowns 🙌🏼 Watch out for them 2020 collections by @enzoani ekkk 💓 We have 2 appointments left this Saturday 2pm & 430pm ..... DM or text us on www.naomibridalboutique.co.uk


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Did you know Croydon is an historic gold-mining town? We have friends that are local that took us around to have a look at 2 mines & some mining shafts. Here is one of the mines! 😍


So a thing has been happening, and I didn't want to tell y'all cause I didn't want to jinx it! BUT ya gurl is licensed as a real estate agent in the state of Oregon. 😍🤯🥳 . . . I didn't think I could do it. After years of teaching yoga and spin and all things fitness related, I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I could balance a job, our little family, a move, and 150 hours of online, self taught learning...let alone a tough exam as the cherry on top. I didnt think I was smart enough, honestly. Didn't think I had the brain power. I've always muscled through life with fitness and yoga, but this was a new kind of yoga...the kind that challenged my mind and allowed me to grow from the inside out! The more I learned, the more I realized how passionate I was about expanding the ways in which I can help people. And the more I realized my mind had been craving and starving for knowledge. . . . Thank you @kevinpechulis for being my rock...I couldn't have done it without you. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. And I may have not been the nicest through the stress so.....thank you. 😆 . . . And for all y'all moving to central Oregon? I'm your girl. 😉

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The Only Thing You Must Do Is Have Faith In Yourself And Deep Faith In God. For Every Desire That Comes In Your Heart The Angels Say Amen. God Is There To Do The Rest. #kawasaki #ninja #H2 #oneLife #dreamsdocometrue Keep Looking Up !!

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The Only Thing You Must Do Is Have Faith In Yourself And Deep Faith In God. For Every Desire That Comes In Your Heart The Angels Say Amen. God Is There To Do The Rest. #kawasaki #ninja #H2 #oneLife #dreamsdocometrue #zx10r #instadaily #instagood #moto #motorcyclesofinstagram #bikersofinstagram #highonoctane   #suzuki   #hayabusa   #ktm   #duke    #jsfilms #nilima #kawasaki #jsflimsindia #jsflims #khannaomkar #jattprabhjot #riders #rider #jaysnnation #iamjaysnnation #hayabusa1300 #hayabusafans #h2r #iamunbeatable


Because walking Te Araroa is not all beautiful beaches, stunning saddles and majestic mountains... sometimes it’s waking with a cloud of sandflies in your face at 6am, walking through extremely wet conditions for hours and hours, and changing into all your dry clothes at lunch, just to have to put back on all your wet clothes to continue! . Doesn’t mean you can’t plaster a smile on your face, have a good old giggle and make mean lunchtime mochas! . NZ has the most interesting, playful bush tracks I’ve ever experienced, and blitzing my way through Burtton’s Track with @canopy .view , trudging through streams and rivers to emerge to sun gleaming through the clouds was freaking awesome! . #teararoa20192020 #teararoa19 #teararoanztrail #teararoa #withguthook #thruhike #thruhiking #womenwhohike #dreamsdocometrue #ilovewalking #ilovehiking #ilovetramping #ilovenature #ilovenz #ilovenewzealand #nzhasmyheart #explorenz #travelnz #trampingnz #hikingnz #newzealand #nz #nature #mothernature #gratitude #perspective #hikingtherapy

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Cand mi-am dorit sa imi schimb complet viata, mi-am dat seama ca eu niciodata nu ma opream o secunda din alergatura ca sa celebrez si sa fiu recunoscatoare pentru tot ce am obtinut pana atunci. Nu era in programul meu din creieras sa ma opresc, sa ma bucur, sa multumesc. Si a fost, in cazul meu, pe principiul “fake till you make it”. Am inceput sa ma gandesc in fiecare zi la minim 3 lucruri pentru care sa multumesc si sa fiu recunoscatoare. La inceput le-am ales in mod superficial, le spuneam chiar usor la misto pana cand, dupa cateva saptamani mi-am dat seama ca nimic nu se schimbase in viata mea dar in acelasi timp totul se schimbase. Starea de recunostinta era cu mine in permanenta, imi era natura, am inceput sa ma bucur de orice, dar sa imi bucure sufletul realmente. Era o stare pe care nu o mai fabricam in mod intentionat si constient ci pur si simplu era. Acesta a fost primul pas dintr-un sir luuung de evenimente si schimbari magice, ce m-au adus in punctul de astazi cand pot sa spun ca am viata pe care am visat-o si ca acum stiu cum sa fac pentru a avea ABSOLUT tot ce imi doresc si este potrivit pentru mine ✨ Asa ca, haideti sa facem un mic exercitiu si sa imi spuneti minim 3 lucruri pentru care sunteti recunoscatori astazi. Daca nu simtiti sa impartasiti prin comentarii sau sunt si sceptici pe aici, va rog, in mintea voastra, dureaza cateva secunde, sa incercati 😁 You’ll thank me later!

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As always: wpierw po 🇵🇱, dann auf 🇩🇪 and ,have a nice evening🙋‍♂️🥃🥃 . 🇵🇱-Krótkie relacje z urlopu we Włoszech ...Ci z Was,którzy śledzą moje stories, widzieli już „parę"😇 ujęć fantastycznych zakamarków ,kanałów ,krajobrazów,miejsc,które odwiedziłem .Iphone melduje 2800 fotek😂🤦‍♂️...Wenecja jest przepięknym miastem.Byłem tutaj po raz pierwszy i pewnie nie po raz ostatni .Można się zakochać w tym mieście.Labirynt wąskich uliczek robi ogromne wrażenie, możliwość dojścia wszędzie pieszo jest bardzo praktyczna, a gdzie nogi Was nie zaprowadzą,tam skorzystacie z usług vaporetto (autobus wodny )..Szczególnie wieczorami Wenecja jest zachwycająca .Światełka kawiarenek,czy restauracji odbijające się w Canal Grande robią ogromne wrażenie ..Zdjęcie jednak powstało w ruinach zamku Castello Scaligero w malowniczym miasteczku Malcesine 👌🔥nad jeziorem Garda.Brakuje słów ,by opisać to magiczne miejsce.Polecam z całego serca przyjechać przynajmniej na tydzień w te okolice..Fantastico😎👌👌Miłego wieczoru🙋‍♂️🥃 . 🇩🇪 Kurzer Bericht aus dem Urlaub in Italien ... Diejenigen von Euch, die meine Storys verfolgen, haben bereits "ein paar" Aufnahmen von fantastischen Ecken, Kanälen und Landschaften von Orten gesehen, die ich besucht habe. IPhone meldet über 2800 Fotos 🤦‍♂️😂... Venedig ist wunderschön.Ich war zum ersten Mal hier und wahrscheinlich nicht zum letzten.Man kann sich in diese Stadt verlieben. Das Labyrinth der engen Gassen macht einen großen Eindruck, die Möglichkeit, alles zu Fuß zu erreichen, ist sehr praktisch, und wo Euch die Beine nicht führen können, nimmt man die Vaporetto-Dienste (WasserBus ) in Anspruch.Venedig ist besonders abends herrlich. Die Lichter von Cafés oder Restaurants, die sich im Canal Grande widerspiegeln, machen einen großartigen Eindruck. Das Foto wurde jedoch in den Ruinen von Castello Scaligero in der malerischen Stadt Malcesine am Gardasee aufgenommen. Es fehlen einem die Worte, um die Magie dieses Ortes zu beschreiben.Ich empfehle Euch vom ganzen Herzen, für mindestens eine Woche in diese Gegend zu kommen. Fantastico😎👌👌Schönen Abend 🙋‍♂️🥃🥃

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While the world spins out of control people are still falling in love, kissing and making promises to each other. . So today we want to announce that for the rest of 2020 & 2021 Soul Food Farm is opening the farm for small wedding ceremonies. . Small is magical. Small is romantic. Small is intimate. . To read more about having a small wedding ceremony at the farm visit our website www.soulfoodfarm.com . Socially responsible , small and beautiful. Its possible. . #smallwedding #loveconquersall #intimate #romantic #smallisbeaitiful #weddingceremony #family #socialdostancingoutdoors #promises #weddingvows #outdoorceremony #lovers #dreamsdocometrue #weddingphotography #weddingplans Photo credit : @cassierosch