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megan kane👛🌸🤍 ————————— audio cupcakke discounts spins @stqrtutorials @vs .freetuts shake. I don’t remember ——————————- dts tagged ————————- #megan #megankane #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #unsubs #catadams #sydmanning #spencerreid #derekmorgan #emilyprentiss #ellegreenaway #davidrossi #hotch #jasongideon

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for alondra only happy birthday bitch love you the most <3 sc kaireids ac forgot sorry #criminalmindscult

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𝑖 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑎 𝑏𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠 ♡︎ - voiceovers: 1. emily: jj? god, youre freezing. 2. jj: i knew theyd call you. 3: emily: i am always here for you. - ac: vapourate (sc ) dt: simon 😻+ travis pattis 😫for putting up with me talking about them and jj nonstop : ) cc: coloringsbykate sc: like three different yt videos 😀

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I know I didn’t post for a while, but I was busy because I started school on Monday. I will try my best to post at least one edit a week. ___ I don’t know why the audio is so off😭 I swear it wasn’t like this before😩 and I know that the edit is crap, I just wanted to post something ___ Dt: tagged ___ audio: I don’t remember😢 if you know please tell me! scenes: @unfurluntold .ga ___ #jjjareau #jjjareauedit #jeniferjareau #jeniferjareauedit #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #ajcook #ajcookedit

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he=seggsy👈😈💃 dt: tagged ac:djpaynes thanks for 600 baes i tried white borders this time🤟

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Posting tomorrow 💞 Comment for a dt? #criminalmindsedit #spencerreidedit

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♫ golden i got too lazy to add transitions.. sorry!! tags: dt: tags sp: cmscenepacks

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Mgg: ) I’ve been loving criminal minds lately so here this is:$ Qotd: who is your top 3 favorite people on criminal minds?? Aotd: Reid Morgan and gracia 😼 - Ac: forgot!! Cc mine/ scenes @bautapes dt: #mscuddlesgrp +tagged: ) Tags: #criminalminds #criminalmindscast #criminalmindsedit #mattewgraygubler #mgg #criminaledits #criminalmindsedit #spencerreidedit #reid #spencerreid

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i really need to stop with the emily edits! butttt, this edit is three parts- emily with a gun, emily candid, and then lauren. hope y’all enjoy<3 • • •< ac: @cocos .audios >• • •< #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #emilyprentiss #emilyprentissedit #laurenreynolds #laurenreynoldsedit >•

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Emotional roller coaster

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david rossi ac : rxseguns dt : tagged <3 clips : addieanatomy - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #davidrossi #davidrossiedit #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit

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solid shoot

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not me continually posting embarrassing stories

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spencer reid : ) - sorry this is so short - some scenes from jarxau audio from heavnlyaudios - tags: #spencerreid #mgg #matthewgraygubler #criminalmindsedit #criminalminds #edits #edit #cmedit #omgpage #aftereffects #aftereffectsedit #emilyprentiss #aaronhotchner

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♫ let it happen sp: @sqenepacks cc&ac @landsliide #⃞profilersoc

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📌 FINALE - The Sicilians and the Calibrians📌 Meanwhile, in New York, “Rusty” Rastelli soon found himself in prison as well, just as Carmine “Lilo” Galante ( 1 ) was paroled. The latter moved quickly to supplant Rastelli as Bonanno family boss. Galante, too, knew Montreal well; he had lived there. Sicilian-born, he was in favour of inducting his compatriots into the outfit and, unlike Violi, would impose no five-year probationary period. Nicolò Rizzuto paid Galante a visit and asked him to push Violi, whom he felt had become a dead weight and an embarrassment to the family, out of the leadership structure. It is reasonable to assume Galante wasn’t averse to the idea: over the next few years, Violi and his associates would be knocked off one by one. While he waited to be rid of them, Nicolò returned to Venezuela with the brothers Liborio, Pasquale and Gaspare Cuntrera. He opened a restaurant in Caracas and, obviously not above a little dark humour, named it El Padrino (“The Godfather” ). He would use this latest South American layover to bide his time and bolster ties to the Cuntrera-Caruanas and the Colombian cocaine cartels. His son, Vito, and family soon made the trip south as well. 🚨🚨Up Next - NEW - Series , The rise of Nicolo Rizzuto and the End of Violi🚨🚨⚔️⚰️ 📍Follow @organizedcrimehistory for Original Curated Underworld Content 📍 #bonnano #rustyrustelli #mafia #rizzuto #sicilian #calabrian #mob #connected #drugs #truecrime #crime #carminegalante #galante #bonanno #godfather #scarface #criminalmindsedit #criminalminds #gotti #genovese #gambino


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jj in the early seasons doe 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 for BETH + tagged [ ♫ : toxic - britney spears cc : cloock.mp4 ] scenes : cmscenepacks


yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning for beth + tagged [ ♫ : preach - drake cc : cloock.mp4 ] scenes : cmscenepacks


— ♫ : sunsetz by cigarettes after sex for chewy <3 #gfschat


its been a while😁 for deb & hannah [cc. bravenrys ib. mccords]


posting this old ugly scrap because i’m so busy and stressed out i have literally nothing else to post :( ac: youtube cc: mine sp: probably reidsscenes

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♫ bags - clairo


the way im not y/n right now 💔💔💔

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There are some men I would simp for.. and when I say some men, I mean one man. That man is Dr. Spencer Reid. 🙏 ♫ - my audio sc landsliide for the #gfschat + shey <3 enjoy dis scrap

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she is THAT bitch 😌 ac; reyesrare sc; emilyprentiss.ga for tagged & marke, chey, gabby, erin, olivia, vanessa, elina, zoe, kelly, ari, angelina and kaly! @pagetpagetgram @crimmindscbs